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Jo McNally graphic (gif)Jo McNally, Cklinician

JO MCNALLY is a BME graduate of Valparaiso University (USA).

Making London her home since 1980, she has taught class/choral music in both independent and international schools. She conducts choirs in Hillingdon and Harrow. She is a Vocal Animateur for both the British Federation of Youth Choirs and the Borough of Harrow. Jo has worked on special projects for the Education departments of Royal Opera House, Spitalfields Festival, the English National Opera Baylis programme and she is part of the pilot 'team' teaching and developing the choral conducting course for the Association of British Choral Directors. Her "Junior Choral Club", ( blue, orange, pink, red and yellow volumes), containing materials for beginning choirs has recently been published by Novello. Jo Mc Nally's latest publication "Young Voiceworks" is available from OUP.

jomcnally @ mac . com


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